Dreams do come true!!!!!

So, you have been called stupid? You have been called dumb, that you can’t do anything and you are not genius!!!! Ahh!! trust me everyone, I mean everyone has been called stupid, stubborn, dunce, powerless and hopeless. So, I must tell you that every great personality have once been called nonsense and crazy. The same society who cherish their success, once considered them crazy and worthless. So, what’s the secret behind it? MAGIC!!!!
The first question is do you believe in MAGIC? Many of you will say Ohh!!! What nonsense, we are not so young to believe in magic, then here lies the problem. We have been misguided by our society so much so that we have just forgotten our inner power, you know our inner power or the magic of which I have been talking of. Our inner strength is limitless. The power which exists in us is infinite. It does not matter who you are, what your age is and what religion you follow. It all depends upon how you think and what you think. BECAUSE YOUR THOUGHT CREATE YOUR LIFE. The statement seems so simple but 90% of us are always thinking what we don’t want and that is why some of us struggle so much. Trust me you deserve every thing that you have dreamt of but it must be creative. Why it is so that some people in their field excel so much that the society calls them prodigy, genius and super smart ,if we do little research I mean a little we find that everyone has used just one principle that is ‘THE LAW OF ATTRACTION’. Yeah, I have done the research, I have read over 25 books lately in two months and you know what every book talks of just one thing LAW OF ATTRACTION and the infinite power of our mind. Actually we all know about this secret subconsciously,but it is this realisation which can change our life. It is not this that this law or magic is a new theory but it existed since ages,we never knew and all those who knew the secret are now the most genius or great people. We didn’t knew  anything about gravity till Newton discovered  it, but it did exist, we don’t  know about many laws but they perform their  work relentlessly, it really doesn’t matter whether we are aware of it or not, it works, it totally work. Try it out just sit somewhere in silence and think about attracting a very small thing(start by small things, to build faith) like by a glass of water, a free discount coupon or anything that you want but you must have to feel it. Like feel you have it now, you are cherishing that one thing,feel it. BUT BE CAREFUL! about one thing you must not let any negative thought or feeling to creep in your mind. Just try it at least once and with small things and once you master it then you master the magic. Come on now don’t say that you will try it later,this is your life how can you procrastinate living?Be thankful for everything you have and you want. Be grateful for your parents’,your teacher,your partner,your bed,your pet,BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR LIFE. There are many people who are fighting to live,we should not take anything for granted because universe takes  it as a hint that we don’t want it and it can take away that thing from you. So,now onward BE HAPPY for everything you have and you want. It helps in generating positive feeling(Positive Vibes), it helps in attracting the things that you want. So what are waiting for. You know the magic so now its your turn to enjoy. You just have to trust yourself and have to connect your mind with the universal mind. (Yeah,you need the connection) and the connection can only be made by realising your inner power. The UNIVERSAL MIND knows everything. Solution to your every problem. REMEMBER THAT IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN CONCEIVE IT TOO. JUST BELIEVE. This believing has to be done only by you. It’s only you who create your own life no one else. Believe me nobody has control over you. You just have to use your dormant potential, it is in you only to create miracles in your life.Now,you have to make a decision what you really want,that one thing that can make you happy,that one thing about which you think every day, that one thing which is your life.Don’t hesitate,this is your life.Only you have control over it no one else. No external power can affect your life once your inner potential overpowers your mind. You have to realise what you want to do in your life, where does your happiness lie. Life is all about being happy, manifesting your dreams and helping others. Its your life, it is never too late to live your life. Trust me and go on to create miracles in your life. ☺☺☺😊.


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